September 18, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Orange

Orange is one of my favorite colors to decorate with, especially in the fall. It is, afterall, the color associated with my birthday. I'm in the middle of an orange project of my own and am hoping to have that completed to share on the blog in a couple weeks. But until then, I wanted to share some of my favorite spaces that use orange either as an accent or a feature. Enjoy!
Photo from Atlanta Homes. Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn
Photo courtesy of Decor Pad (
By framing out the bold orange walls in black, the color really pops without becoming overbearing. The art in black frames also help to define the space. When these bold accents are paired with the crisp white of the wainscoting, it results in a beautifully custom designed room. I absolutely love this.
Photo from Pure Home (
Photo from Relish Small Pleasures (
If you're not brave enough to paint an entire wall this bold hue, start slow with a lower level of commitment and simply paint the backs of a bookshelf. Or if that's still too much for you, grab some items off your shelves and add a fresh coat of orange spray paint and group them in odd numbers on your shelves for a more eye catching look.
Original source unknown, found on
Photo from The Inspired Room (
Original source unknown, found on Sweetie Pie Style (
Photo from
Original source unknown, found on
Think outside the box when it comes to adding color to your home. Adding a fun color to the floor or ceiling brings in an unexpected pop, really creating a statement. Just remember to have fun when bringing color into your home, because in the end, the colors you add should make you smile.

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