September 24, 2012

Guest Post: White Hot Obsession Confession

Today, I'm excited to share with you guys Ashlie's second guest post. Enjoy! And happy Fall everyone!

I have a confession to make...I LOVE white furniture. Not just plain white, but the "distressed, romantic, rustic white." Life is messy and blemished; I feel that my overall style in most things, including home decor, reflects this. That being said, I decided to tackle a project that has been sitting in my garage for months, untouched. My aunt and uncle were getting rid of a hand-made solid oak desk and I willingly accepted it. My uncle used to own a cabinet door business and sometimes utilized his shop for side projects. This desk was one of them.
I knew immediately that I wanted to paint the desk white and distress it for that romantic, rustic look. The tools used for this project included: 100 and 150 Grit Sand Paper, Small Hand Sander, White Primer Spray Paint and Satin Finish White Spray Paint. Something to consider if doing a distressed piece of furniture is the type of paint to use. If you are going to sand it down or nick it up a good bit, then spray paint is a cheaper alternative and looks just as good!

When refinishing anything wood, you really should take the time to at least lightly sand down the surface. It will make a huge difference for your finished project.
I really do have to give credit to my Handsome Hubby on this project! He actually helped a good bit and informed me of the correct "techniques" when sanding or spray painting. Do several light coats of paint vs. thick coats as they dry more quickly and it's easier to add than remove. This was also my first time using a hand sander so it was a learning process.

Here are a few other pieces in our home with the same type of "rustic white" effect.

Repainting, re-finishing, staining or distressing are all very cost-effective ways to update things you currently have in your home. You can always start out with a small item like a picture frame to test the waters. Happy home goods recycling!

I just love this new desk Ashlie and her hubby did, what do you guys think? White washing really can be such a great and inexpensive way to update an old piece. Have a great day everyone!

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