September 16, 2012

Reader Reveal: Dining Table

When my friend Nataly shouted out to me on facebook (@trimmed&tailored) last week and told me my Tuesday Ten had her feeling inspired to tackle a dining table project she'd been dreaming up, I was thrilled. What's more? She actually did it, and it looks totally amazing! Here's her new inviting dining table.
She started at thrift stores, which is always my favorite way to start a project, where she found 18 large hardcover books for $2 a pop. After arranging them and measuring to ensure even height on each side, she glued them together using Liquid Nails.
Next, she cut a large piece of plywood down to the appropriate size for a dining table that would comfortably seat eight, and attached five slats of pinewood to the top using screws. Then the boards got a nice coat of warm gray (Nataly used Behr ultra semi gloss paint and primer in one).
After the paint was dry, she attached the table top to the book legs with Liquid Nails, decorated the table with some gorgeous pink depression glass and fresh flowers, threw some comfy pillows on the floor and called it a day.
I think she did a fantastic job, what do you guys think? Perhaps Nataly can weigh in in the comments secion below and let us know how long the project took her. But I would imagine with a little prep done in advance (i.e. purchasing the books, paint, wood, etc.) this could easliy be done in one day of work, which makes this a great weekend project. And if you fear you're not cool enough to dine on plush pillows on the floor, this would also make a great coffee table -- just use shorter boards!

Thanks so much for sharing this fun project with me, Nataly!!


  1. love it! great job nataly!

  2. Dying to do this for a coffee table! Great use of those big hardcover law books I had to buy & never use...