September 26, 2012

Reveal: DIY Sunburst Mirror

If you read Tuesday's post, then you can probably guess what's coming next, and if not, the title should give you a hint. Since posting the image with a painted sunburst mirror, I couldn't get my mind off making my own!
Originally I had lofty thoughts of painting the sunbursts directly on the wall in a delicate pattern, but after thinking that one through and realizing that it might take more than one coat of white paint to cover it up when I move out of my rental this December, and with my luck the whites wouldn't match and I would have to repaint the entire room on top of packing all my stuff up. So yea, the paint was a no go.
Then I decided to pull out my ever useful roll of contractor's paper from Home Depot and cut small strips in two lengths and widths for a fun sunburst pattern. I just played around with a few different sizes until I landed on something I liked enough to tape onto the wall. Yes, you read that right, tape. For this project, I just used scotch tape, paper I already owned, and a yard sale mirror I picked up earlier in the year for $2. Nothing beats a $2 project! Well, I guess a $0 project would win out, but $2 is still pretty dang exciting.
What do you guys think? I totally love the way it turned out and kind of want to make one for over my bed in lieu of the headboard project I've had on my to do list for years now.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and make sure to stop in next week when I get back on track with my guest posts. Monday I will be featuring Amity's second guest post and then the schedule will get back to normal with Tyler's third post coming a week from today. Don't forget to follow me on twitter @trimandtailored and on facebook @Trimmed&Tailored.

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