September 12, 2012

Reveal: Acrylic Tray Makeover

Clear acrylic trays are a staple that’s just screaming out for customization. I’ve seen this done numerous times, and it's finally time I do it myself. Trays can be crazy expensive when you use them as often as I do. They're just so useful for organizing mail, holding bathroom essentials, bedside for jewelry, magazines in the living room, etc. The possibilities are really endless.

A few months back I helped a friend who recently sold her business pack up her old workspace. She had a ton of these trays, which are ideal for storage in a retail store, and she kindly gave a few to me for helping her out.
All you need for this simple but chic makeover is a clear plastic tray, cute craft paper (or wrapping paper) and spray adhesive or tape. These are incredibly customizable depending on the season, or even your mood because it's so easy to just trade out the paper.
I can't wait to fill this baby up with gold pumpkins I spray painted for Halloween last year to create the perfect Fall look. Or it's great to load up with crackers and cheese and a bottle of wine for enjoying a simple evening outdoors.

Please make sure to tune in tomorrow for more of the second round of posts from my guest bloggers. Tyler will be sharing with us some great ideas for hostess gifts, which is always a tricky one. Have a great day!

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