February 5, 2013

Tuesday Ten: Bold Rugs

It seems everyone these days is drawn to natural fiber rugs for their neutral hues and low maintenance. I love them for this reason too, but lately I've really been looking to branch out from the traditional beige and gray into something a bit more fun.

Rugs are great for making a space feel warmer, so let's talk practicality here. I'm not saying go crazy and purchase something with an extremely bold pattern when you already have pattern in your drapery, patterned pillows and loud art on the walls, but why not have a little fun in more neutral rooms? When paired with an otherwise neutral palette, a bold rug is an extremely fun addition. Here are a few of my favorites.
*All of these images were pulled from Pinterest and original sourcing is unknown. If you have questions about where to purchase a specific rug, email me at trimmedandtailored@gmail.com and I will do my best to find it or something very similar for you.

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