February 11, 2013


Our office/guest room is slowly but surely shaping up and I should have some almost-completed photos by next week. But for now, just a quick update on the space.

I'm a big fan of making small changes to items you already have to make them work in new spaces. When you move as much as I do, you have to get crafty, or you'll get bored with your same old stuff. Case in point, I have this old IKEA shelving unit I picked up a few years back for about $25, that just wasn't working. I am also using a few other random storage pieces in this catch-all-room in the hopes of turning it into a nice home office and craft space that's at least a little bit inspiring. 

As a reminder, this was the sad "during" shot. All that dark wood just wasn't doing it for me. And obviously the clutter was killing me.
To keep things simple, I  decided to go with a white and silver color scheme as most of the storage pieces I had on hand were these colors. Except for sir IKEA. However, with a couple coats of bright white spray paint, this guy is feeling much more at home with his newly acquired brothers -- they're all in the same color family now. 
And here is a sneak peek of how the room is shaping up. Ignore the artwork on the wall, I was just throwing anything I could find up there to add a little color. This is most definitely not staying. It still has a LONG, long way to go, but isn't it looking much cleaner just by changing out the dark colors? I'm loving the progress so far.
Please be sure to tune in tomorrow for a special Valentine's Day Tuesday Ten! Hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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