February 13, 2013

Progress On Our Master Bedroom

Ok, well technically neither of the bedrooms in our house are a true "Master" because they're roughly the same size and share a hall bathroom, but the bedroom we sleep in is finally starting to shape up. It's a far cry from amazing, but it's about a thousand times better than it was before!

I'm so sorry I don't have any progress pictures of me hanging curtains and decorating the space, but I'll recount every detail. I started by moving the bed to the wall opposite the awkward-corner-windows because I felt it opened up the space a little. After trying a few arrangements, I finally settled on something that felt right. I moved one of the chairs in from the living room (this chair is half-way through a reupholster, so you may not recognize it, but it's one of two I scored at Goodwill years ago for about $5 each), made a runner out of two faux sheep skin rugs from IKEA, and hung bold patterned curtains. I figured the curtains could hang (pun intended) with all of the other neutrals in the room balancing them out. On a side note, I absolutely loathe this wall color, but am holding off painting until I find just the right color.
To hang the curtains, I used these little screw hooks (I'm sure there's a much more technical name for these) I picked up at the flea market six for a dollar. They're so much easier to hang than curtain hardware and do much less damage to your walls.
I love, love tall ceilings, but ours are definitely not. To draw the eye up, I hung these frames floor-to-ceiling to maximize the height of the room.
For the runner, I just taped two rugs together with painter's tape in a lattice pattern so it would hold better. I would have hand stitched the edges together with white thread, but this is a bit less of a commitment and I can easily change it back if I get tired of it.
Here are a few of the different textures and patterns going on in the room.
As I mentioned before, this room is FAR from finished. We still need to:

Figure out a headboard solution. (I'm dying to try my hand at making a custom tufted headboard)
Get a new comforter and make/buy a duvet.
Recover the pillows to incorporate other colors into the room besides black, gray and white.
Fill the frames with art.
Finish the chair reupholster.
Finish the dresser. (It's had the number "1" on it for months without an accompanying "2", "3", "4".
Get a nightstand for John's side.
Shade the lamps.

Of course, I will keep you guys updated as the projects in this room come along.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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