February 14, 2013

Simple Sprucing: DIY Gold Dipped Vase

I love a quick and easy way to make things more glamorous, and this little project is exactly that. It took about 15 minutes and made such a difference.

You'll Need:
An old vase 
Gold metallic paint (I prefer Martha Stewart brand)
The paint cap or a small dish

I have this old vase I picked up a while back at the thrift store for a quarter because I love its lines, but the clear glass was leaving much to be desired. Sure, flowers are the pretty accent a clear vase needs, but why not spruce it up a little more by adding a pretty gold rim to the top?
First, clean your vase very well, especially around the area to be painted. Second, pour a bit of your gold paint into either the top of the paint container or a small dish just a little larger than the mouth of your vase. Then just turn the vase upside down, dip the mouth into the paint and hold it upside down for a few minutes to allow the paint to set. If you turn it right-side-up too quickly, the paint will drip, but a few minutes should do the trick. Then just sit the vase right-side-up to finish drying for an hour or so.
I have a beautiful azalea bush in my front yard, so I just snipped a few of the vibrant pink buds to place in my vase. I love the look of glamour the gold gives this simple vase, and it's now become my go-to vase for the fresh flowers I love to keep in our living room.

I hope this post inspires you to gold dip something of your own. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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