October 9, 2012

Simple Sprucing: Repurposing

Hellooo! I have been incredibly MIA this week due to a crazy busy schedule but I wanted to drop in and share a simple project that's making organizing my insane necklace collection a bit easier. I picked up this old dresser drawer front on the side of the street a couple years ago and never really did anything with it until now, and am I happy I finally did?!
I started by removing the old pulls and then sanding the piece down a little to expose some of the wood, to give it that rustic look I'm so crazy about.
Next, I pulled out some old knobs I had lying around. I just tried a few different arrangements until I found one I liked best -- and that yielded the most numerous knobs. After I had that all figured out, I just lifted each knob separately to make a quick pen mark where I would need to drill a hole. I don't mind when things aren't exact, so I hardly ever measure, but if you're crazy about things being symmetrical, you might want to add that step in.
After all my holes were drilled, I just screwed the new knobs in and patted myself on the back for a job well done. Actually I think I just smiled really big and then ran into my room to start layering necklaces on.

Now I have a cute little refurbished drawer-front-turned-necklace-holder to display a few of my favorites.
Have you guys ever done a simple project like this? Was it a success or far from it? Make sure to tune in tomorrow for Tyler's third guest post all about Halloween!

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