August 16, 2012

Guest Post: It's All "Relative"

I bring you Ashlie Carter's first guest post! Get excited, there are so many amazingly unique pieces in her home that I absolutely love. Especially the gutted clock she now uses as a shadow box to hold pictures from her wedding. Enjoy!

Although we purchased our first home about about two years ago, the need to make my living space intimate and cozy came three years prior when I had the opportunity to live in my great grandparents house. This was where I began learning the joys of personalized home decor, how much bright colored paint can liven things up, and it's where my love for antiques flourished. The house had been sitting for a bit so it was in need of some major love and care; but little did I know this home would feed my soul with family treasures. I have grown to appreciate and admire the family heirlooms that I was lucky enough to acquire, as well as additional pieces passed down from other relatives.
First I want to start off with some small items such as glassware and dishes that typically just need to be dusted or washed, and voila, you have yourself some nifty shelf items!
I've been asked before "What's up with all of these clocks?" To answer the question, my great grandfather was a master at repairing watches and clocks. There were many old, wooden clock frames in the house and I decided to keep them. Some I painted, one I gutted and used as a shadow box and others I left as is.
These are some of my absolute favorites! Although we plan to refinish the buffet and china cabinet, the rest of these just needed to be cleaned to let the antique charm exude!
This antique trunk, wooden bread box and framed crocheted doily are items special to me and were passed along by relatives. I want to point out that even if you do not have family pieces to add to your home decor, a lot of these types of items can be found at yard sales and antique stores. Digging for the treasure is part of the fun! Just remember to keep an open mind and envision the potential, not the current state.

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