August 13, 2012

Creating a Bar

Having a bar in my home has been a long time dream of mine. I love the look of detailed decanters, and having a place to display them alongside my glasses is a must for me. I found this oversized crate on the side of the street in my neighborhood last year and knew it was the perfect fit.
It already had slats on the inside for packaging, which were perfect for shelving, so I had my stepdad cut shelves for me to place glasses on (I still need to stain them to match the rest of the wood).
I found these decanters at various thrift stores for less than $10 each, and I absolutely love them. The smaller crate that they are sitting in is a yardsale find for a couple bucks.
Now, when guests come over I have a dedicated spot to offer them a drink.
Creating your own bar just takes a little creativity, and can be assembled quite easily. From a pop up table with a cute tablecloth and accent tray placed on top or an antique cart filled with vintage decanters and flowers in a bud vase to a basement retreat with a dedicated bar and game room, a bar in your home can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Annnd sorry it's only Monday... Have a great week!

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