August 1, 2012

Crazy for Nailhead Trim

The nail bug has bitten and I'm obsessed with dressing up furniture with nailhead trim. It can really take a piece from good to great for a small price, which makes me a very happy girl.
I've talked about this small shelving unit from my parent's original home (before remodel), that I painted a light gray. The color just wasn't doing it for me, so I decided to rough it up a bit with my sander to see if I liked that, but the original paint from years ago was peeking through, which looked a bit too unfinished for my taste.

I then added a few coats of an off white (just a color I had on hand from painting my bathroom a couple years ago). Are you guys familiar with the "Oops" section at Home Depot? It's where all the pretty paint people decide not to buy goes to be sold for under $10/galon, which is a fantastic deal. Especially when you re-paint as often as I do.

After my baby was pretty in light cream, I added some nailhead trim. This was the hard part, as this piece is solid oak, which isn't very pliable. About every other nail went in the complete opposite direction I intended, which made this a fairly difficult and frustrating project.

After redoing about half of the nails, I was able to get everything pretty straightened out. And I totally love it! My fingers were sore, but this project was a definite hit. Try to ignore the top left, as it has to be redone.

Have you guys ever worked with nailhead trim? If not, do it! It looks awesome and is an extremely inexpensive way to create a custom piece of furniture. If anyone has any questions or would like more information on any of the projects you've seen on here, email me at Also follow me on twitter @trimandtailored.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl