July 10, 2012

An Unlikely Canvas

I love to create original art for my home. It makes the pieces personal to my taste, colors can be customized to match certain schemes, and most importantly, homemade art is muuuuuch more affordable than store bought. You can save hundreds by thinking outside the box (or canvas) and using what you have to create custom art. (Canvas's can really add up over time).

One of my favorite items to use as a canvas is a bulletin board. Yes, those boards you used to doodle I-Love-Taylor-Hanson all over can be reused! I have about ten of these lying around that I've had for years. The process is simple, you'll need some paint brushes and paint and you can start creating.

I currently have one of these in my house and I'm working on another. They're both in muted colors as the rest of the colors in my house are quite vibrant. For the first, I started by painting the entire board including the trim a white I had lying around. After the white dried completely, I just taped off the striped pattern I decided on and started painting the exposed areas gray.

Materials needed:
An old bulletin board
Paint in at least two colors
Paint Brush

And after the paint has dried, you will end up with something similar to this:

 Next, just style your board as desired. It could be leaned on a shelf as shown below, or hung on the wall. The possibilities are endless. Of course you can still use the bulletin board for pictures, but if you want to fool your guests, they'll never know it's an old bulletin board!

 Next week I'll be revealing another bulletin canvas I'm currently working on, so stay tuned!

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  1. This looks great and so simple to do! Nice way to break up a bland white wall. :)