July 11, 2012


As a continuation of yesterday's post, I wanted to share one more piece of art I made using a bulletin board. This one makes me smile really big. Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. It's a piece with F-U-N written all over it, and to me, that's what art in your home should be -- something that makes you smile when you look at it. I want the the things that surround me to make me happy, and this one totally does that. Alrighty, enough elaboration, let's reveal.

This project started similar to the last, but for this one I made it even simpler and used spray paint. I started with a blank bulletin board, painters tape, a marker, a paint brush and two colors of spray paint. First things first, I wiped down the board. This is a vital first step when spray painting (well this should really be done always). When pieces sit in storage, over time they collect dust. Nothing loves dust more than spray paint, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to get a nice coat of spray paint on something only to find tiny particles of dust splotching up your work. So save yourself some time and wipe it down with a wet cloth.

Next I gave the whole board and the trim a few light coats of white paint. If you've never worked with spray paint, you always want to do multiple light coats to avoid drips. After it was completely dry, I brought it inside and started taping off the sides, making sure not to get any tape on the quark part of the board. Next - this is where things took a change - I started taping off the top left section of the board as I had originally planned a small quote, but once I got the tape onto the board and took a picture for the blog, my mind switched gears. I suddenly saw my rectangular section of painters tape as the state of Georgia, my home state. With that, I knew the quote would have to wait. I started sketching out the state and making corrections until I was happy with my work. If you look closely, you'll see I'm no artist. Not.even.close. Then I decided to draw a heart over Atlanta (my city).

After I was happy with my drawing, I got the xacto knife out and carefully cut out my drawing. This is where quark becomes a dream to work with. You can slice it all up and no one will ever notice. I peeled the tape off being careful around the heart, and I was left with the above.

Then I just took my new baby outside (still unsure whether this was going to be great or a disaster) and gave it multiple light coats of dark gray. And I decided to paint the heart gold.

I was hopeful when I brought it inside after drying, but a little nervous. After I peeled off the tape I was left with the above. And if I didn't make myself clear earlier, I LOVE IT. So much. Here it is in all its glory:

Please allow me to apologize for the extremely low quality images, I am using my iPhone for all of these and an editing tool directly from my phone. It doesn't look splotchy in person, you'll just have to take my word for it. Eventually I want to get a camera and learn some jazzy photoshop skills, but until then the iPhone will have to do.

Thanks for reading! Have any of you guys done a similar project? Would you try this? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. LOVE this design! Very impressive that your Georgia turned out so well :)

  2. This is so cool!! Keep up the thrifty one of a kind pieces! You know you have to do a FL next :)

  3. Love this, Danna! Just found my weekend project! Florida style.... :-)