November 5, 2012

Guest Post: Home is Wherever I'm With You

I absolutely love this post from Becca, and hope you guys do too. Enjoy!!

I’ve wanted to design a collage above my bed for some time. Luckily, I have an uber talented boyfriend who happens to be an Art Director J Justin is the best at taking my ideas and physically bringing them to fruition while using his keen eye for detail.

For awhile now, I have wanted to use a lyric made famous by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes song, “Home.” Of course, everyone and their mom have put this quote on everything! However, I had faith in Justin and his creative ways, knowing he would put his own spin on it. We got his design printed at Target Copy for $15. For this main focal point, I purchased a framed picture from Goodwill for $5.99, popped the old picture out, and then put the perfectly crafted graphic inside the wooden frame.
Next, I had two small wooden framed paintings that were just not my style. Luckily, I realized these would make something great and saved them from being sold at a yard sale. One day it came to me, silhouette pictures! My grandma has one of my mom and her sisters that I have always loved. Justin mentioned they would be easy to make so we snapped these simple (and unattractive) pictures of ourselves to get a solid profile of our faces. Justin then used Adobe Illustrator to create the silhouettes.
The other items I decided to add to the mix were a golden picture frame from Justin’s family but decided to paint it with Terra Cotta colored acrylic paint. I cut a piece of cardstock in a design that I liked and inserted it into the frame. Also, I found a small, round mirror from Marshall’s for $4.99 that I changed from silver to a gray by painting it with acrylic paint from Jo-Ann Fabrics. 
The final objects I used were a feathered circle I previously purchased from Michael’s, one of my favorite pictures of Justin and me and a metal letter “B.” I bought a circular, white picture frame from Marshall’s for $4.99 then cut a piece of houndstooth cardstock and placed it inside. Now that I had all the pieces, I laid out the items in the design I liked best and began affixing them to the wall using nails and Command Strips. My unifying color palette of gray, terra cotta and wood worked out nicely.
As I am constantly shifting things around in my house, this turns out to be the perfect solution for me since items can be added or swapped out from the eclectic mix whenever I need a change. Sweet dreams to me!

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