November 7, 2012

Guest Post: Rustic Caramel Apples

Hey guys, I cannot believe it is already November, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Tyler has a great tutorial on candy apples for us, which are a quintessential part of the holidays for me. Hope you enjoy!

Halloween may be over, but fall is in full swing - so I feel like it's still appropriate to enjoy caramel apples...and a few extra viewings of Hocus Pocus :)
Last month, my good friend B hosted an amazing Halloween carnival for her daughter's sixth birthday.  She asked me if I could make some caramel apples and I jumped at the chance.  We decided on two types: a traditional caramel apple with a Butterfinger topping and a candy melt apple with crushed Oreo topping and chocolate drizzle.
B wanted a chic and rustic presentation, so I inserted carved sticks into the apples.  I went with Granny Smith apples for the color and used the following recipe for the caramel apples:
Once I dipped the apples, I set them on wax paper to dry.  Before they were dry, I spooned crushed Butterfinger (I used my food processor for this step) on to the top of the apples. 
After the caramel apples were done, I created my own version of candy melt apples.  I used white candy melts by Wilton (which I purchased at Michael's) and they worked out perfectly. I followed the same process with these apples as I did for the carameled ones (aside from rolling the apples in the crushed Oreo, instead of spooning the topping on).  I drizzled chocolate sauce on a few for extra detail.  I allowed all the apples to set overnight.
Lastly, I bagged each apple individually so that guests could take them as favors (I used cellophane bags and twine to tie them).  I'll be honest, this step was a two person job as the apples easily got stuck to the sides of the bags (thank you to my husband who helped me with this!).  If you aren't using the apples as favors, setting them on a platter is easier and makes for a beautiful presentation.  Enjoy!

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